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So, I’ve actually been diligent about doing some yoga regularly for the past couple weeks and it’s been a good thing.

Has it lifted my seasonal depression, cleared my skin, and given me mad bursts of energy?


But what is has done:

  • Given me an odd sense of accomplishment when I do it. (And log it somewhere so I can keep track.)
  • 15-20 minutes a day where I’m not thinking about the shitshow of a country we live in, because I *cannot* – I am too busy trying not to fall over.
  • Improved my posture. (I legit notice I am sitting up straight more.)

Though the app I user is called “Yoga for Beginners” – it has Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced sessions, and there are 7 Beginner sessions ranging from 7-12 minutes, so you can start small and mix & match for longer sessions.

I will totally admit, my favorite session is the 10 minute Beginner Yoga – it involves quite a lot of laying on the floor.

It’s also free.

So, if you’ve been thinking you want to give it a try, but are overwhelmed by all the app options out there (and there are A LOT) – this is one I can recommend.

Android Version

iOS Version

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