Totally discombobulated

And it’s all my little brother’s fault, LOL.

Got up, came downstairs and he’s already up hanging with Lily and I joked “OK, since you’re already up and finally have the Starbucks app on your phone*, you’re getting the weekend coffee, right?”

Well… yes, that actually was his plan, as he was going to the market anyway, he just couldn’t figure out my order – even looked at my cup from yesterday but hadn’t scrolled far enough left in the app to find Cold Brew With Milk.

My plan for the morning was Starbucks and then a fast dash into the market for a couple very specific things – cat food, foot pumice, and to see if they had large command strip hooks. (The medium wire ones arrived, they are too small for the coffee mugs – but will find other uses around the house. I even looked at the measurements, and really thought they would have worked, but, no.)

So, I sent him off with my coffee order, and he’ll get the cat food (I’m not having him find my foot care and home improvement stuff, LOL) – and I’m sitting here all out of sorts, because I HAD A PLAN and instead I am sitting here.

Even Lily is thrown off, she’s currently at the basement stairs yelling, “HEY BOY! COME PLAY WITH ME!”

I did have to send pictures of the cat food so he knew what he was looking for. (Feeding her is a whole THING.) Sometimes technology is good.

So, tomorrow’s coffee & salads dash will just now include the hooks & pumice.

God, I am a bit of a control freak.

*He literally only got the Starbucks app on his phone less than two weeks ago.

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