Well, it’s been a ridiculously productive Saturday

At least by my standards, LOL.

Up before the crack of noon, Starbucks acquired, a good hour plus spent going through the Virginia Legislative Info System to see what’s in the hopper for this session and annoy my delegate accordingly. (So many bills to look at. SO. MANY. BILLS.)

But, civic duty done for the day, yoga and strength workout done, cat box tended to, mail retrieved, bed made, vitamins consumed and gmail junk cleared out.

On the household front, in the kitchen we used to have a strip of 3/4 round on one wall under the cabinets with cuphooks for coffee mugs. That went away when my Mom had the kitchen cabinets redone a million years ago, and it needs to come back because we have more mugs than cabinet space.

But – I realized this morning, why go through the hassle of getting 3/4 round, cutting, painting, nailing, and putting in cuphooks when Command Strip Hooks exist? A dozen of those suckers are now winging their way to the house.

And then YET ANOTHER SALAD FOR LUNCH!! I am now at…11 days in a row I think? I am so glad I finally noticed those single serve salad kits at the market. So far, my top 3 are the Southwestern, Turkey-Bacon Cobb, and Chef.

I’m adding in some extra mozzarella cheese, and croutons and sunflower seeds to them, and they’re just really good and the perfect size so no food goes to waste. I’ve even gotten my brother hooked on them. I KNOW. I am unreasonably pleased with myself on this note.

And it’s a good lunch, given that dinner is going to be meatloaf & cheesy mashed potatoes. (These times call for some comfort food.)

The rest of the day, my ass will be parked on the sofa, NOT watching the news, and trying to get ahead of the game on a thing I am testing for work. Normally, I avoid working on the weekend like the plague, but this thing is going slower than molasses in January and at the rate I’m going, I’m never going to get it finished. At least it’s something that I can do in front of the TV. It’s 90% waiting for the system to print a document or go, “LOL, no.” Not particularly mentally taxing, but so. fucking. slow.

I hope you, too can tick off a few things from your to-do lists this weekend.

Mask up, stay safe, and don’t tolerate fascists.

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