Well, that was surreal

Among other seditiony and treasony things.

I mean, I knew yesterday would be a shitshow, but I expected separate inside and outside debacles.

I did not expect the Capitol Police to just let those fuckers waltz in and take selfies with them.

And then just let them leave. I’m surprised they didn’t give them juice boxes and crackers for the trip home.

The Capitol Police have a lot to answer for here. So much. If you needed convincing that our police forces are filled with white supremacists – this is your big clue. THEY LET THEM IN AND TOOK SELFIES WITH THEM.

And Biden has still been certified as the next President.

And the Congresspeople who objected to Arizona & Pennsylvania? They need to find new jobs. They aren’t working for the people – they’re working for 45, and 45 only. If they’re not expelled, this needs to be a 24/7 talking point if they run again.

And 45 needs to go, NOW – I don’t know that we can wait two weeks. But I also know his cabinet doesn’t have the guts to do the right thing.

When the harshest sanctions against him are from social media companies…that’s a problem.

And to every Republican out there scrambling to change their tune – good fucking luck. We’re not going to forget that YOU helped make this happen. You let him spout utter lies for 4 years and encouraged him and this is on you, too. I hope you never know a moment of peace or joy for the rest of your lives.

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