It’s OK to do “normal things”

I’m sure you’ve read in any number of places that we can’t “normalize” yesterday’s coup attempt/domestic terrorist attack at the Capitol. And they’re right – we cannot normalize this.

But, doing normal things in the midst of a crisis – especially one where you can’t really do anything but watch – is *not* normalizing the crisis.

Had to work? (I did.) It’s OK – we all know American Capitalism stops for no one. (As the pandemic has most recently reminded all of us.)

Made dinner? YOU HAVE TO EAT, THAT’S IMPORTANT! (I ate.)

Went to bed rather than staying up until 4AM to watch the Electoral College get certified? SLEEP IS GOOD. (I racked out around 11:30 – tired and capitalism…)

I’ve seen people today who I could tell felt *guilty* for doing normal things.

The thing is, even in a crisis, the world still spins on its axis. You need to eat, sleep, figure out how to pay rent, get the bins out, feed the pets, do the dishes, get some laundry done. None of these things stop needing to get done, regardless of what is happening in the rest of the world. (OK, dishes and laundry can probably be put on hold, but you want clean socks & underwear in bad times, and those dishes will get gross.)

And if during those “doing normal things” times, you’re not thinking about the crisis? That’s not only OK, it’s healthy.

So, eat something, drink your water, and get a good nights sleep.

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