One down, one to go

Congrats to Reverend Senator Elect Warnock! Heard on the radio we know about Ossoff/Perdue by noon today – and that one is going probably going to end up in recount territory. Gawd, I hope Ossoff wins, because McConnell will be even meaner and more heartless this time around if he is still the Majority Leader.

DC is going to be a shitshow today and I am so very glad I didn’t move downtown when I was entertaining the idea some years ago when I was much younger.

I realize this does not speak well to my character, but watching the idiots that have come into town playing fuck around and find out with the Metro PD – that has been something… They’re talking about trying to get into the Capitol – yeah, let me know how that works out for you.

And then you have the shitshow *inside* the Capitol. The certification is going to take fucking forever because Republicans are going to fucking challenge shit left and right to no avail – and Pence isn’t going to suddenly do A THING and change the results. 45 is going to be a fucking nightmare today. (Not that makes it anything other than a day ending in y, but…)

My brother is away for a few days catsitting for a friend who had to leave town for a “can’t be solved via zoom” emergency. I’m a little jealous – he gets 4 new walls to stare at and a whole new set of takeout options. But – I do have the house to myself and guess who will be making some salmon this week? Possibly multiple times?

I’m going to go try and get some work done and not think about what hangs in the balance in Georgia.

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