Welcome, 2021!

Bit grey and rainy, but that’s January for you. No first day hike for me, but the weather is going to be far better tomorrow, so I may get out and explore a local park.

Found out last night that my uncle and his girlfriend, my middle cousin, and my younger cousin and his whole family are positive for Covid.  Guessing at least one vector was the kids, as they did fall sports.  (Great job, Georgia schools!)

So, that’s 13 people now that I know that have caught it.

The vaccine can’t get into the general population soon enough.

On a more positive note, we *did* make it to 2021. Blank slate, the potential for a new start and all that good stuff. Sure, you can say that about a new day, week, or month, but there is something about a whole new year.

I will say, given how 2020 was, I’m going easy on myself in 2021. Just do the best I can in general.

No big plans for the year other than not getting Covid, and hopefully getting vaccinated by summer, and maybe eating indoors for my brother’s birthday in the fall. It’s gonna be a wild and crazy year around here.

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