Happy Hump Day!

I think? I am not great with time these days and the upcoming holidays are not helping.

I have a big feature test I’m working on – needs to be done by 1/6 and my brain keeps going, “That’s the end of next week!” No, it is in fact, three weeks from today. Hopefully now that I’ve sat here and really looked at the calendar, I’ll stop panicking every time I hit a defect going, “I’ll never get finished at this rate!” (I’ve found nine defects so far! It’s a brand new feature, so not really unusual to find all sorts of little bugs. Quite proud I’ve found so many. I’ve found the most. It’s not a contest, but I’VE FOUND THE MOST!)

Our state health department is doing a vaccine town hall tonight and they’re taking questions ahead of time, and because I really can’t let go of shit, I emailed with “WTF is up with the studies not measuring infection? And don’t tell me keep masking up, that’s not a damn answer to the actual question.” (It was somewhat better worded than that.)

I hope they can address that, cause I genuinely don’t understand why they wouldn’t measure infection itself, even if they weren’t spraying people in the face with Covid as part of the study. Yeah, I am REALLY stuck on this – I just can’t make it make sense.

Well, time to go distract myself with work – you have a wonderful day.

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