Gooooooood morning!

We’re waiting on the water meter person to come and replace the busted meter. The appointment is for “12 noon to…sometime” (there was a window, I legit can’t remember the end point for it at this point, I just didn’t want the morning appointment.)

Super annoyed that we have an inside meter. We actually have both an inside and outside meter – WHY DON’T WE JUST HAVE AN OUTSIDE ONE? That would be easier for everyone! I am sure this person has zero desire to actually be in anyone’s house. Probably just as much as I’d rather they not be here, but alas, I suspect the billing department at the water company is going, “WE KNOW YOU’VE BEEN WASHING MORE DISHES! NO MORE ESTIMATED BILLS!”

I’m sure they’ll be in and out in no time, but it’s just one of those things I don’t super need right now.

I see that Jacinda Ardern and Labour won in New Zealand – well deserved and good to see that the Kiwis know a good thing when they get it. She’s done a spectacular job as PM, even before the pandemic. Very pleased for them. (Can I move there? Please?) SHE EVEN GAVE PART OF HER ACCEPTANCE SPEECH IN MAORI.

OK, time to go sit at the window and wait for the new water meter.

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