Yes, I am a bad person.

Yesterday at lunch I found myself Googling “last president to die in office of natural causes”… (FDR, if you were wondering.)

I just…don’t give a fuck about 45. I am wondering what happens if he dies or becomes incapacitated, but I don’t care about *him* at all. (Barron is the only one I have any sympathy for, as even if he hates his father, things are happening very fast and that has to be very unnerving.)

Maybe if 45 had actually tried to do anything about the pandemic, or cared about anyone affected by it, I’d feel differently. But I am very much in “you reap what you sow” mode right now.

Hell, our Governor got it – and I feel VERY differently about that, because imperfect person though he may be, Northam has taken this seriously from the start and actually attempted to keep it as under control as he could. (Especially hard given that 45 and his minions didn’t do jack shit.)

If 45 dies before the election – his hard core base may drop out, but the never Trumpers will flood back to the party, because all they really disliked about him was that he kept saying the quiet parts out loud. I don’t think they ever really had a problem with his policies and the party in general.

If he gets through this – and if he does, I expect he’ll be a long hauler given his age and general questionable health – and then loses the election? Hopefully he’ll have lost the will to fight the outcome.

And the fact that the super spreader event appears to be the SCOTUS nomination ceremony and R’s are popping positives left and right? As has been pointed out on Twitter more than a few times, RBG is still working from the other side. (Every time I see clips of that event, I am filled with rage.)

I feel very, very bad for all the non-political support personnel who have been exposed because 45 still had to do his damn trips and fundraisers and close contact events and shit, no masks or proper distancing, even though they KNEW this was a very bad idea.


I swear to god, they had best be testing Biden every damn 12 hours for the next week.

Yeah, I am out of fucks to give for 45.

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