I didn’t watch the debate

I usually don’t – in any campaign, by the time these come around, my mind is already well made up and this time around, hell, I’ve already voted. Also, who wants to watch people yell at each other for two hours?

I “watched” via Twitter – it’s the easiest way to catch the high (low?) points and I won’t throw my phone through my TV. Also – I cannot stand listening to 45.

When he put out his call to violence to his little Nazi buddies, well, that’s the exact moment I would have thrown my phone through the television set.

Yo, media – stop calling that a “failure to condemn white supremacy” – IT WAS A CALL TO VIOLENCE.

And the moderators not even attempting fact checks? That bullshit has to go immediately, cause letting so much of 45’s bullshit fly unchecked gives it legitimacy.

And fuck if I didn’t send Biden’s campaign $12 after the debate if for no other reason than telling 45 to shut up. (If Hillary had done that, I suspect she would have been escorted off the stage.)

Biden needs to win by a landslide and we need to flip the Senate, in an unmistakable rejection of everything 45 and the GOP represents. If we can’t, well I don’t even know what we do then.

I’ll be working on postcards this week.

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