Not sure that helps…

There is a Medium post floating around Twitter (and OF COURSE I can’t find the damn post itself) from a person that lived under a fascist government and it essentially said “if you’re doing normal things, it’s all over.”

If it was meant to be a warning, it’s too late, but otherwise – I’m getting tired of the hot takes of “if you’re going to work like things are normal, you’re an asshole.”

Fuck, bills still have to be paid, dinner has to be cooked, the earth still spins on its axis and the sun keeps coming up. Ending up jobless and homeless doesn’t seem like an ideal outcome here, and that’s the joy of living under capitalism.

So you’ll forgive me if I keep going to work and planning a nice birthday dinner for my brother. I can multitask and do what I can to fight this shitty government at the same time.

And as long as I’m acting like things are normal like some jerk – after watching the Home Edit ladies this weekend, I realized I can fix the kitchen counter from hell. It’s a wide end counter/”snack bar” and I’ve tried repeatedly to clear it, but it just becomes a landing zone for bread, snacks, and stuff that I don’t want to put in the pantry because it will be forgotten and it’s an unholy mess.

I’ve ordered 5 of these baskets from Target – covers bread/sweets/snacks/paper plates, and then one for the counter where Lily eats for her food & treats.

Oooh, baskets!

So, what we have will be visible, accessible, and CONTAINED, leaving the rest of the counter clear. And – when big cooking days come around, like Thanksgiving, or cookie baking weekend, if I need the full counter – I CAN JUST EASILY MOVE THEM. I even got dividers for them, and some tags to label them, cause I do dig their whole “label all the things!” attitude.

Fuck, if I can get that counter under control, I suspect it will make me feel like I can do anything around this disaster zone of a house.

And it’s time to go work like some asshole, cause those gears of capitalism won’t grind themselves.

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