On a lighter note…

Which wouldn’t be hard after my last post – but last night I decided I needed to binge watch *something* that would let my mind escape for a bit.

I stumbled on Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. It’s two ladies that organize people’s closets and pantries and such.

There is a lot of what I can only describe as “white lady squealing” – but it’s DELIGHTFUL.

I had not heard of them before, but they have a huge following on Instagram and yes, that feed is insanely visually appealing.

I loved it. Like, to the point where I ordered their book after I ran through all the episodes.

I like so many things about their approach. While it definitely requires tossing some things, it’s not a PURGE ALL THE THINGS take.

Second, they have zero aversion to containers – they LOVE The Container Store – and they love them back. What a coincidence, I LOVE THE CONTAINER STORE, TOO!!! (Or really, any cool storage from anywhere, I’m pretty sure you can get TCS equivalents at Target or Walmart at probably half the price.)

And lastly – they focus on organizing in a way that can be maintained. Label all the containers so you know what goes where! Clear stuff so you can see what’s there! Make it pretty to boot!

The format of the show is one celebrity closet/room/whatever, and then one regular person/family. They don’t do anything super radical – which makes you watch and think, “I could reasonably do that.” (There were a couple projects they went a little happily nuts on, but on the whole, it’s all doable.)

I know the reason they can get these projects done so quickly is that they have a team of 3-5 people working on it, but even taking that into account – these projects are doable.

Ashley Nicole Black summed it up perfectly:

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