I did it!

The LilyMonster can hang out on the porch with her people! And has actually used it!

This is acceptable!

This was the screen insert when it was done – the black bit is gaffer tape on both sides that I just cut an X in to pop in the tunnel.

And it fit in the door frame!

The platform under the door, hoo boy that was kind of a pain in the ass – had to make it tiered – it’s hard to see in the picture, but right under the door there is a step down so the top bit fits up against the door and the bottom bit fits up against the step.

I see packages getting left in the little open area.

And that ramp? Those hinges were near the damn death of me trying to get them in. The first pilot holes I put in weren’t big enough, had to run to the store for thicker nails and even then, my arms are fucking sore today trying to get those 8 screws in.

Two hinges that took FOREVER to get in

There were shockingly few hiccups through the process. The bit of extra trim on the front was because I discovered that the tacks holding in the screening were slightly too long and poking through to the other side. But it also had the added benefit of further stabilizing the corners since I placed it to overlap the seams on the main frame.

Then realizing I had to take that step under the door into account when I made the platform. The ramp is a full two feet wide – I just used the uncut 2’x’4′ sheet I bought – I’d thought about ripping it to 18 inches, but I just didn’t have a good setup to be able to cut the full 4′ sheet, but it works fine.

The tunnel/tent… Well, the tent is far too large for the porch, cause my dumb ass didn’t look at the measurements – sure, it looked roomy in the photo with the cat model, but 99% of the time they use really small cats in these pictures, LOL. And Lily keeps trying to climb the inside of the tent and getting her nails caught, which is no bueno.

And the tunnel – well, it’s a bit too short after the hard turn and drop to the ground.

But, easily remedied – a second tunnel is being delivered tomorrow and the tent zips out and the new tunnel zips in. And the tunnel is ~19 inches high so there is plenty of room for Lily to sit/stand/turn around, so going tunnel only will not be a problem. I’ve also ordered a bath sheet to fold lengthwise and line the tunnel, so the princess’ dainty paws will not even touch the cement and she’ll have a soft spot to lay down while she is out with us. (Thank you, Target for reasonably priced large towels with quick shipping.)

I’d decided early on I wasn’t going to paint the platform – but since it’s going to be outside, and just moved over to the carport in the winter… I think next weekend I’ll be throwing a clear coat of Rustoleum on it, which should be very easy and the longest part should be letting it dry. (And clear = who cares if it’s too heavy/too light in some spots, YAY)

Also, I’m going to get some floral foam and cut little blocks to jam over where the screws are on the underside of the platform. (All the nails on both the frame & platform were hammered sideways, so no poking there.)

Overall, I could not be more pleased with how it came out and the fact that she USES IT!

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