At least temporarily. As I was tacking the screening in, I realized I had inadvertantly created a spike strip on the other side – the tacks are ever so slightly longer than the thickness of the wood. Oops.

I thought through it, figured out how to fix it, realized it would need a hardware store run. No problem, I can then get the plywood for the platform too.

Placed order for pickup. Get email that 5 of 6 items are actually out of stock, but they have ordered them for shipment to the store. OK, I’ll pick them up next weekend, I guess. Not the end of the world. Then get an email that the order for those items have been canceled. Um, fuck?

Called the shop, they don’t know why the system would have flat out canceled the order, but we re-ordered and things will be in Tuesday.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super disappointed. But – I have Tuesday off, I should be able to get a fair amount done and hopefully Lily will have her outside time next Saturday.

Guess tomorrow will be housework. Yay?

It was going quite well!

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