Ow. Ow. Ow.

So, I didn’t finish Lily’s screen yesterday, but I made some fantastic progress. What I did not think about was that in putting this together, there was quite a lot of sitting in odd positions and such while doing “measure/cut/sand/attach/jump up and check fit in door”.

My body reminded me of that very loudly this morning. Oh my god, my legs are killing me. But look what I have!

Look what I did!!

I made the executive decision to only paint the side that is facing outward. I only have so much time and patience, LOL. If you look closely, it’s totally amateur hour, but I am really pleased with it.

Today’s tasks:
– Tack in the screening
– Add reinforcing pieces to corners on the back (already cut, just need to glue/clamp)
– Add a box frame around the section where the tunnel will be attached to keep that section extra stable (already cut/built/painted)
– Put gaffer tape on both side of the screen within the box for additional reinforcement
– Carefully poke holes in the gaffer tape and attach tunnel with zip ties (though also wondering if I can just smush the tunnel into the hole w/out permanent connection – we’ll see)
– Cut center area out of screen
– Put frame in door
– Watch Lily refuse to walk through!

I also have to improvise a platform/ramp as there is a bit of a drop between where she would walk through and the porch floor, but that should be easy enough given the beer cases & Amazon boxes I have about the house. Maybe Tuesday or next weekend I can make another trip to the hardware store and grab a piece of plywood and braces to make a proper platform.

Right now my only concern is that the tunnel may be a bit too short when all is said and done, but if that is the case, the one I got can be attached to other tunnels, so – may just snag a second one if necessary.

When all is said and done, it may have been cheaper to just buy a new storm door with the pet door built in, LOL.

Only two minor “measure twice, cut once” incidents – one piece of wood cut too long, easily fixed. Another – measured correctly, except for exterior dimension vs. interior dimensions. (Only lost two small strips of wood to that.) The internet lied to me, and the replacement staples for my ancient tacking stapler did not fit – but if you snap off 3 or 4 staples so you have one really wide staple – you can just pound them in with a hammer!

But, this has really been a fun project and I’m glad I decided to do it.

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