What a difference a day and a cold front makes

It’s 69º (niiiice) out there and it felt good to throw on a hoodie when I headed out to Starbucks this morning. High today will be 79º – perfect for working outside.

For the main screen frame, I only have to measure, cut and attach 5 pieces of wood, and same for the bracing. Why does that feel oddly daunting? Probably because everything feels daunting these days.

I keep reminding myself how damn accomplished I will feel when this is done. And I know I *will* feel like a rockstar. I just have to haul myself out to the damn carport and get going, LOL.

I swear, inertia is my biggest enemy. Once I get going on something, I’m usually good to go – it’s the getting going that is the hardest damn part most days.

I don’t know what state & local officials are doing elsewhere, but here in Virginia, we’re not relaxing what few restrictions we still have for Labor Day weekend (good) and they’re talking about being cautious and all when doing things for the holiday. We’ve had spikes after Memorial Day and July 4th, and even with everyone knowing what they’re supposed to do, I suspect we’ll have yet another post-holiday spike.

Here at Chateau de Chatte, we ain’t doing shit for the holiday that involves other human beings. I’ve got a nice pork tenderloin that is defrosting and real jerk seasoning for it and I’m going to cook that up tomorrow and will be the extent of celebrations here.

Well, that and hopefully having some porch time with Lily.

And on that note, time to go build things!

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