That was a weird start to the day

So, this morning, a couple minutes after the alarm went off (and I hit snooze) – I heard something outside.

“Let meeee iinnnnnn! Let meeee iinnnnnn!”

Not being totally awake, I thought, “that’s a weird bird”, then I realized it was a little kid’s voice. I snap to, yell out the window, “It’s OK, I’m coming outside!,” grabbed pants and actually had the presence of mind to get a mask and ran outside.

And…nothing. No one around anywhere.

I think I may have heard an adult voice as I was putting on my jeans. I have to assume someone’s kid got themselves locked out of the house and then a parent heard and got them back inside.

But jesus, that was…fucking weird, and not the adrenaline jolt I needed at the start of the day. And it occurred to me later “dumbass, that’s how people get murdered in books.”

I definitely need the rest of this Tuesday to be less weird. (Yes, it’s Tuesday, I had to check.)

I hope your day is downright boring.

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