Long Weekend!

Since the pandemic fucked all my baseball plans, I’ve got leave to burn, so taking today *and* Tuesday off!

I was trying to figure out the other day how I seem to have so much leave, given that I’m really bad at taking a day off just for the sake of taking a day off – and it hit me this morning: Fucking On Call weekends. Whenever possible, I took the Monday after those weekends off, cause even when there were no calls, those weekends were fucked, and I was just trying to get time *back*.

Well, that’s 5-8 days of PTO right there. No wonder this year I have extra days and I’ll still be able to take the week between Christmas and New Years off.

And I’m already off to a rip roaring start. Up before my alarm, Starbucks acquired, and I’ve gone to the Post Office to ask them to please look for my package that was put on a truck for delivery on 8/28 and was never delivered. I’m guessing it is just still in a truck and a driver doesn’t realize it, but I want it found. There may have been a way to do this online, but it wasn’t obvious, so sometimes you just need to do things in person.

It was just a small Etsy purchase – but it was the seller’s first sale. This is the LAST thing you want to happen. She had messaged me to see if it had arrived, and when I told her not yet, I also assured her this is NOT HER FAULT. If they don’t find it in the next couple days, I will commission a replacement – at commission rates – because I still want the thing I ordered, and I want this seller to keep making things and not have this discourage her.

The next project for today is fighting the mosquitos in the front yard. The garden next to the carport is a damn marsh, which I have to assume is 90% of the problem. I’ve gotten some eco-friendly repellent to hit the areas around the carport & porch, but we’ve just had rain every day since it got here and I need a dry day to put it down, and today should be that day. (I really wish I’d thought of this earlier in the season.)

Then – now that I have all the tools and dry weather and time – Lily’s catio!! I’m hoping I can get the bulk of it done today, and I do think I can definitely have it done and installed by Labor Day. I hope she likes it.

More than anything, I’m going to try to use this extended weekend to do a solid mental reset and get in a good headspace for the fall. On the whole and considering everything, my mental health has been fair to middling through all this, it’s taken a few hits the past few weeks. I need to get myself to a place where my life is more than just work and ignoring things that need to get done around the house.

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