Today I learned

That when the power goes out for an extended period of time, while the fancypants thermostat for the heat/AC does come back on with the power – it resets everything to the factory defaults, and is in OFF mode. (Seems yesterday was the first power outage since we got it.)

I discovered this when I came downstairs this morning and it seemed really warm – 81º at 7AM! After a few moments of slight panic, I realized that the AC was not broken, just not turned *on*. How I did not notice this at all yesterday is beyond me. But the air is moving and being cooled again, whew.

Now, the question is: Will I remember this the next time the power goes out? Given that it’s pouring buckets right now and they’re calling for “strong thunderstorms” for the rest of the morning, it may be sooner than I’d care to worry about.

In election 2020 stuff – so, it’s gonna be Kamala Harris for VP. Though my dream ticket was Warren/Castro, I can deal with this. I know it’s a blow to prison abolitionists, and sure, I wish she was more progressive (I think “progressive prosecutor” is a bit of an oxymoron) but I think it will be OK.

She and Biden aren’t evil. They’ll surround themselves with people who are smart, also not evil, and willing to disagree with them. I also think that Kamala will call out Joe when needed – and that he will listen.

And if we flip the Senate and get some progressive folks in there – well, that will certainly shove them a bit farther left, cause if we have learned anything this past 3 years, it’s that Congress matters and I think things would have been slightly less shit if we’d not had the GOP in the Senate being sycophantic obstructionist asshats.

We just have to survive til November and bury the GOP in a landslide.

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