A bleary eyed happy hump day

We had hella storms come through starting at fuck all 4 am this morning, lost power for about an hour (thank you Dominion Power for getting that turned around right quick) and someone did not get back to sleep at all during that time.

But, I have a bigassed cold brew, cause I had to run to the market and our Starbucks is open again. When I said I was glad they were back and not closed permanently, the response was, “Oh, we just had a staffing problem!” – so that’s what we’re calling it nowadays. (Which, it’s not like they can say “the crew popped positive, so I get it.)

In Bad Cat Mom news, the reason I had to run into the market is because I ran out of Lily’s current VERY FAVORITE TREAT – Fancy Feast “Broths” – basically a little soup packet with broth, veg and some actual identifiable meat in it. Given her love for it, it’s probably the cat equivalent of junk food, but oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth last night as I told her I messed up and we ran out. Between that and the storms, she’s had quite the traumatic 12 hours.

Me? I’m just going to try not to fall asleep sitting up this morning.

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