I got brave!

And hit the farmers market today. OK, my overwhelming desire for locally grown tomatoes just won out over everything else. I convinced myself that it’s basically an outside grocery store, and distance + masks + outside is reasonably safe. They had directional controls (little kludgy in some spots, but overall good,) and distancing marks, and everyone was on their best pandemic behavior, SO WE ALL GET TOMATOES!!

Not pictured below – cheddar garlic bread, pumpkin bread, lettuce mix, spring onions, and black bean & corn salad. It was a good trip.

Plate of cherry tomatoes, and small sweet peppers, and a jar of tumeric/chili nuts

Tomatoes and pepper and nuts!

The stall where I usually get my pints of cherry-tomatoes-of-all-colors wasn’t there – they’re quite small, and may just be hunkering down and staying hyper local this year.  I do hope they’re still in business and back next year.

My brother is very excited for bacon tomato sandwiches, and I have all the fixings for tomato cheese salads, and just plain ol’ excellent salads.

I should have gotten braver sooner on this one.

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