Another early morning

And apparently I still don’t quite know what day it is, given that yesterday afternoon I made up a pot of cold brew for work, which isn’t until tomorrow. But it should be turbocharged by tomorrow morning!

I had a super productive day getting the kitchen cleaned up yesterday – not just tidying, but actual scrubbing and shit.  GO ME.  I am hoping I can keep up that momentum today.  (Seriously, why couldn’t I have been a person who stress cleans?  WHY?)

I’m watching a Stonewall documentary this morning and it’s a good reminder that:  1) The cops really aren’t any better now, and 2) It’s worth it to fight back.  I can’t even fathom where we’d be now if they hadn’t fought back.

In Covid-19 stuff – while I know, I KNOW, correlation is not causation – it sure looks like mandatory masks are helping here in Virginia.  When I go out, which admittedly isn’t much, it’s rare that I see anyone without a mask.  And look at our county cases – that red mark is when masks went mandatory:

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 10.32.22 AM

I still don’t think we should go to Phase 3 this week, I think it will just undo all the progress we’ve made, and I’ve sent a note to the Governor to that effect. (Thanks ResistBot!) Sure, I’m only one pain in the ass constituent, but maybe if enough of us say something… Maybe I’ll call tomorrow, too.

Well, I’m gonna try to get some shit done around here.

You have a lovely Sunday.

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