We made it to another Friday

Well done YOU!

And it’s Juneteenth, and I can’t wait to get on Twitter to find white people trying to co-opt it to make themselves feel better.

That being said, I am glad it’s becoming a more widely known day – lord knows we didn’t learn about it in school.  I didn’t know about it until well into adulthood – can’t remember when, it may have even been as late as grad school.  I’m 100% in favor of it being a Federal holiday if for no other reason, they’d have to teach it in school.

The work whiplash of the last couple days has been hilarious.  Everything under control, to “OK, I guess I can work 16 hour days for the next 3 weeks”, then “No, you do not!” and a few points yesterday of “Hey, devs, can you finish this thing so I have something to test?!”  But I should be back in a solid but reasonable stream of work from now until vacation.

Welp, time to go test all the things!

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