The Supreme Court made it a little safer to be LGBTQA.  There’s still tons of terrible shit going on, but my god, it was nice to have some genuinely good news yesterday.

And 45 is going to sign a police reform type thing today, which I realize will likely be totally toothless, but I’m sure he is really not happy about it, which makes me fucking THRILLED.

Today is grocery pickup day and the theme is COLD FOOD.  Cause we’ve already hit the point where it’s too hot to cook (as though I had the energy, LOL.)  Cold cuts, chicken salad, pasta salad, fruit, and FROZEN FRUIT BARS!  (OK, they’re popsicles.) And they had a variety pack with lemon, lime, and tangerine!  Usually the mix packs are 2 good flavors and one garbage one, so I’m FAR too excited about this.

Of course, the cold food theme hits as the temps drop back into the 70s. The hazard of working up the list when it’s in the 90s.

And these arrived yesterday:  I’m also getting some of her antifascist action dog stickers, too – not sure why I didn’t get those with the first order.  (Aspen_eyes on Twitter)

Black cat with a red bandana mask, with the words All Cats Are Beautiful

In Covid news, as of yesterday, our counties 7 day case count was back down to where it was on April 10th – 489 cases, off a high of 2121 on May 31. But with things opening back up – will we keep going the right direction? If they don’t, will the governor have the guts to close things down again?

Mask up, stick it to the man, be kind, hang in there.

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