Work Stuff!

I haven’t bitched about work in a while which is a good thing.

Last week I piped up in a meeting with the department director and a project manager that the changes they were making were going to fuck up the testing that had already been started – they acknowledged and acquiesced and the target date for the testing for that bit got moved back.

Another feature I was emailing back & forth w/the dev on things I was finding, and cc’ing said director – not to be a dick, but cause this feature is his baby, so I wanted him to know where things stood.  He sent me a nice response about my thoroughness.  It was all I could do not to respond, “AND THAT’S WHY I GET ALL TWITCHY WHEN YOU CHANGE THINGS!”

picture (7).gif

But, hey, director’s feature tested and done, other feature deadline moved to 7/15, which is really 7/8, cause my ass is on PTO, whether it is here or NC.  Two other decent sized defects to tend to, but things are good, things are under control.

picture (9).gif

And then…  The email from the other side of the world from the person who assigns bugs to test.  “Hey, here’s 9 more bugs to retest before the release just to be sure they didn’t get fucked up between the first test and now – deadline 7/17.”

picture (8).gif

By my estimation, I now have 6 weeks worth of work to get done in 3 weeks.  (Their time estimates are far shorter than mine.)  Mind you, I am shit at estimating how long things will take and tend to overestimate, and retesting should theoretically go quicker since I already have a test plan and know what I’m looking for.  But jesus, that was cause for some hyperventilating moments today, and feeling like I’m going to have to stuff 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound sack.

picture (10).gif

OK, it’s not *that* bad, but it is a two beer night as I contemplate the next two weeks that will probably be early mornings and late nights, and all at a discount to boot.  (Still. Salty.)

In other news, the scalp massager arrived today, and holy shit, not frivolous, but fucking instant relief with the tension I’ve had in my head and neck.  Mind you, it’s not as good as Micha at the salon, but it’s the best $35.99 I’ve spent in a while.

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