It’s. Only. Wednesday.

And I need a month off, I swear.

Two days of micro disasters around the house. Two instances “We’re gonna do a FUN THING!” at work, neither of which I would categorize as fun. (Thank god, for real voluntary, but the time to determine “is this voluntary” was filled with dread and stress.)

Weird assed dreams this morning. OK, brain, I totally understand “going to a conference” dreams. But “in Baghdad, with helicopter crashing in park next to hotel” is a bit much.

And the LilyMonster deciding this morning that she is just going to stomp around and yell at the top of her tiny lungs, despite having food, water, and treats at her disposal. Thankfully, a good brushing session seems to have made her happy. (She never really cared about being brushed before, I have no idea when that changed.)

And Northern Virginia goes to Phase 2 on Friday. You’re still not getting me indoors anywhere for more than 15 minutes. While New Zealand is opening without restrictions. Yes, I am VERY jealous.

It’s 8:30 AM, and I need a nap.

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