A less terrible Tuesday

We still have a pandemic and society is barely holding it together, but the cat is fine and the toilet is fixed.

So, our Lee statue in Richmond is coming down, but there’s a 10 day injunction.

The temporary injunction order issued Monday says the state is a party to a deed recorded in March 1890 in which it accepted the statue, pedestal and ground they sit on and agreed to “faithfully guard” and “affectionately protect” them.

We can guard and protect it in a warehouse just fine, thanks. The guy suing is a descendant of one of the deed signatories, which I’m not sure how it gives him standing to sue, but hopefully the judge will see that keeping the damn thing up is not in the public interest.

I’m not gonna lie, every dead white guy statue looks the same to me – but if there was a guy that fucked over my family for generations, you can damn well bet I wouldn’t want a statue of him sitting around.

And the morning news is fretting about cancel culture cause folks are getting called out for racism. Crossfit was shit anyway, spare me the pearl clutching.

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