Because life really does go on and boy howdy is it a Monday already. We’ve got a plague, a societal breaking point due to police brutality, a fucking toilet that refuses to fill with water and a cat deciding to barf everywhere all at the same time.

Any one of these is bad, but jesus fucking christ, I cannot do all at once.

The cat & toilet literally happened simultaneously in the last 15 minutes.

We have replacement guts for the toilet, and it’s not leaking, and the cat wasn’t puking blood or anything, but I just cannot at 7 AM on a Monday.

The cat is now yelling for food, and my brother is going to try and fix the toilet today and if he can’t, we’ll get the plumbers in.

But no one needs this first thing in the fucking morning.

Oh, and the cable is fucked again and half the channels are out.

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