Oh No, Not Love Island!

There will be no 2020 season of Love Island. While I can’t say I ever watched this particular program, it does make me wonder how many other shows won’t be able to safely restart production this year. To the Love Island fans out there – I am sure this sucks for you.

Somehow it is Monday, AGAIN. I mean, it’s good that we made it here, but ugh, Monday, yet again. We really need a 4 day workweek. And not just because I’m a bit of a lazy ass who spent half her Sunday day drinking on the porch and then went straight to bed.

This week we get our first salary cut paychecks, combined with the new W4 forms being taken into account, and I still have no idea if I filled it out right, so that will be exciting. I’m a damn accountant, and I struggled with that new POS form. All I could tell for sure is the default W4 will result in massive over-withholding – we’ll see if the numbers I jammed in will be anything close to what they should be.

Our farmers markets are opening up here a couple weeks and they’re putting precautions in place for social distancing and such, including order ahead from vendors (YAY!) but I am still cringing a little over it. As much as I very much want to go – I’ll probably hold out for a while. I really am going to be the last person to re-enter society, aren’t I?

Well, time to go and pretend like I’m functioning and test some software. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That should be good for a laugh if nothing else.

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2 Responses to Oh No, Not Love Island!

  1. Ashley says:

    Have you read about the “Jeopardy!” crisis? They’re about to run out of new episodes for the first time ever! CHAOS!

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