So, I’m up before 10 on a Sunday… Day 10


And yes, I had to hit the market…again. Fight me. Folks can fuck off with the grocery shopping shaming.

There are uncountable reasons that a person wouldn’t have 2 weeks to a month worth of food just sitting around, and most of those reasons are Mind Your Own Damn Business.

Add to it that after the gangs of marauding Karens cleared the stores on Friday, just doing REGULAR shopping for normal shit can take multiple trips.

Me? I usually only buy what’s needed for the next couple days. I know there is a lot of privilege in being able to do that, but I have found that when I try to “stock up” – things just get wasted, and that’s no good. And suddenly I’m trying to think farther ahead and finding that I’m not great at it. (See Fucking. Butter. yesterday.)

So, yes, I was at the market again this morning. Very few people, all of us doing the 6 foot dance, and apologizing when we discover we’re accidentally blocking someone on an aisle. But now we have butter (we’re going through it freakishly fast), green chiles because I see chicken chili stew in the future, a jar of minced garlic, a packet of diced ham for ham & cheese scrambled eggs, and a jar of parmesan cheese. (Cheese toast is seeing a resurgence here.) And Coke. Oh, and some funnels – trying to get the ground coffee in the narrow filter tube for the cold brew pitcher is…challenging.

I *think* I should be good for a while.

Paper products are still wiped out. Not sure if they’re just having problems restocking due to overall demand, or they’re just disappearing the moment they hit the shelves. Lots of produce. Some empty spots on the shelves, but not much totally sold out – though Great Northern Beans are more popular than I would have imagined. Mayonnaise is totally sold out, and I don’t know why that made me laugh, but it did. Bakery & deli are up and running – and yes, I got brookies (brownie on the bottom, blondie on the top) – come on, they have come in and baked these, I can’t let them be disappointed with unsold ones at the end of the day. (And they’re delicious.)

I want to do something for the folks at the store – not sure what, but something – but I don’t know how many people actually work there. And they’ve shut down the email inquiries due to volume. Should have asked while I was in this morning. Next time.

Here’s a Lily:

A sleepy Lily cat on a fluffy towel

She knows nothing. What a lucky cat.

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