Happy Snow Day!

2015-02-16 21.52.44

It was a very dry snow…

And Happy Fat Tuesday as well!  (I didn’t realize this until this morning when I started seeing Carnival pictures all over the place – I thought it was later this year.)  So, go have a pancake.

We got around 5″ of snow, which if you live in Boston is nothing.  Here, it can screw things up really, really fast.  Gotta give props to VDOT – according to the plowing website (which is really cool) our neighborhood is still “in progress” – but our street looks damn good to me.  We had trucks coming by all night long.

It was also a really dry, light, powdery snow – so much easier to shovel.  My brother & I took turns last night trying to keep ahead of it as much as we could, and this morning I heard him out there at 7:30 finishing it off.  (It’s not often we’re the first to have our walks done when it snows – I’m sure our neighbors are confused.)  Yes, we have a very kind neighbor with a snowblower – but I would like to reserve his kindness for when we get cardiac arrest snow.  :)

I’ll be honest, I really don’t know how the people in Boston are managing it this winter.  Just looking at the pictures makes me want to move south.

The upside to the snow?  It’s a beautifully sunny day today, and with the reflection of the snow, there is more natural light in the house than there is on an average day in July.  I can handle that.

Stay warm and dry.


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2 Responses to Happy Snow Day!

  1. Peter says:

    I tried to figure out what that dessert was, and then I came to and realized it was a chapeau.

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