$500 Million

Yes, the Power Ball lottery has gotten ridiculously high again.  I can’t help but sit and think about how much fun it would be to have that kind of money and give it away.

You could help so many people in so many ways, big and small.

Animal shelter gets everything on its Amazon wish list.
Library needs books?  Done.
Playground needs repair?  Done.
Know someone with a car about to kick the bucket?  New one waiting at the dealership.
Someone gets laid off?  Check from a mystery foundation arrives in the mail.

Scholarships.  Cash grants.  Secret Santas.  Paid off layaways.  Day care paid for a year.  Old medical bills disappear.

It would be fantastic.

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1 Response to $500 Million

  1. Ashley says:

    I play that game, too. After paying off all of my debts and my parents’ (ahahaha) and buying my dad his Vermont cabin and this house new damn windows, it’s:

    – Get my library ADA-compliant and large enough
    – $ to a bunch of preservation groups (Preserve the Pensions!)
    – Completely renovate my town’s pantry/kitchen shelter and also move the actual beds into a brand-new building across the street
    – Fund honors education at my community college
    – Magical wish-granting faerie at the children’s hospital
    – Fund a mobile free dental care truck for urban and rural children
    – Leave money in good but expensive books in bookstores so people never put them back due to price
    – A million other things.

    Pathological altruism FTW.

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