Happy Boxing Day

And, no, it does not mean you can punch a relative.  Nor does it mean box up the stuff that wasn’t quite right and take it back to the store.  It’s when folks got their Christmas Box, aka, Christmas bonus way back in the day.  (And that is your history lesson for the day.)

I hope everyone was able to have a lovely and peaceful Christmas.  Mine was just right.

My poor pets nearly lost their collective minds in the morning – they had seen (and smelled) their gifts on Christmas Eve, but I gave the bag & stocking to my brother to keep them out of it overnight.  He slept in.  The animals did not.

When he finally got up, presents were opened and we had a great leisurely brunch, followed by naps.  The evening was catching up on Doctor Who, and A Christmas Story, and looking through all my books.  We don’t do a fancy Christmas dinner – we’re stuffed enough from brunch and let me tell you – that takes the holiday stress down several notches.  (Amazon wish lists have made things ridiculously easier as well.)

I also got a surprise in my email inbox from one of my friends up in Connecticut in the form of Stories: All-New Tales for my Kindle – again, good job technology, and thank you Ashley!

Santa brought me tons of books – and even found one that wasn’t on my wish list – The Chesapeake House: Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg.  Considering I just got back from Williamsburg, it’s perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 11.31.36 PM

I hope you enjoy your Boxing Day and enjoy your gifts and some post-Christmas peace and quiet.



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