My wish for you this holiday and for 2015

That you find the time and means to occasionally step back from the world and take care of yourself.

That you find justice for your losses.

That you fight for yourself and others when they (and you) need it the most.

That the toxic assholes in your life recede to the shadows, and if not, that you find the strength to kick them the hell out of your life.

That you find time and the means for your passions that pay dividends only in joy.  And may they somehow pay dividends you can pay the bills with as well.

That you finish the milk the day before it expires.

That you find happiness in unexpected places.

That a dog, cat, guinea pig, hedgehog or other sweet creature flings themselves into your lap going, “I LOVE YOU!!!!  WILL YOU LOVE ME BACK??!?”

That more often than not, you wake up thinking, “Damn, I got a good night of sleep.”

Tha you see many beautiful sunsets.

That your coffee is always the right temperature.

That whatever random thing you lost reappears right *before* you spend money to replace it.

That at your next medical appointment, the doctor says, “You’re fuckin’ awesome!”

That your pets (OK, cats) break less things this year than last, and that the broken things are minor and replaceable.

That you and your loved ones can let each other know that you care.

tha should you facepant into a pile of horse manure, that you come out smelling like roses.  (Or your non-manure scent of choice.)

That THAT relative takes it down a few notches at the next family dinner.

That you discover strength you never knew you had, and not because something awful happened.

That you find peace and joy.

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