Sometimes you need to take a day and ride roller coasters

So I did.

This semester has been good, but kind of a grind and it seemed early in the semester to feel quite so mentally bogged down, but there you go. I looked back at LiquidPlanner and discovered that in the past month I’d only taken one day for myself. Other semesters I have made a point of making sure there was one day a week that grad school didn’t touch. (I think it’s healthy. Other would say it demonstrates my lack of commitment to academia and why I am not cut out for a PhD. I would say that is exhibit 1 in why academia is unhealthy.)

Fortunately my planned crashing of my brothers vacation in Williamsburg couldn’t have been better timed. Spent all day yesterday riding roller coasters and generally not acting like an adult. Then we had a great dinner at Christiana Campbell’s tavern. Even hit the Columbia Sportswear outlet on the way back and scored some dress shirts so I look slightly less like a grad student at my practicum gig.

I am relaxed and rested and ready to take on the rest of the semester.

As long as I don’t go another month without taking a day off.

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