So, my archives prof either thinks I’m diligent or an idiot.

The good news is that I have not broken the class wiki again

But this week I have had to email him about some assignment dates because there had been some talk about two of them changing and I couldn’t find anything in my notes if that had actually happened or not… I just despise having to send an email where the answer could be, “Have you tried reading the syllabus that I spent several hours creating for you?”

Fortunately, the prof is a pretty decent human being and confirmed the dates for me and even said to let him know if I had concerns or conflicts with the two potentially squirrelly due dates. (My only concern was with having the wrong dates in LiquidPlanner and discovering at 7:20 pm that I had missed a deadline. Conflicts seem to be a given in grad school.)

Then tonight, well, I’m starting to think I turned in an assignment that didn’t actually exist. Every week we knock out a 500ish word piece on the reading, with a couple of questions we can bring up in discussion. It’s due Wednesday night and there has been a submission link waiting on Blackboard every week. Well, today was Wednesday, so I did the writing piece, went to Blackboard…and no submission link. So, I just emailed it to the prof.

Class tomorrow is over at the library archive. He mentioned last week that it was why we didn’t have as much reading as usual. But I swear I don’t remember him saying to skip the writing.

So yeah, I might not have only done an assignment that didn’t exist, I turned it in to boot.

Friday’s mental break of riding roller coasters all day can’t come soon enough.

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