It’s like some people don’t even know how birthday parties work

Birthday CandlesIt would seem that Mrs. Obama’s birthday party won’t be serving dinner.  OH THE HORROR!  And my god, the invites actually said, “Eat before you come”…

When you’re a kid, birthday parties consist of two things: cake and party favors. When you’re an adult, it is the same, except the party favors tend to be alcoholic.  You tell people that there will be no dinner.  You especially tell parents of small children that they should eat ahead of time, because it’s going to be cake and party favors.

Advising guests that it is “snacks” and not dinner, and even flat out saying, “eat first, cause we’re not having a damn state dinner here” –  isn’t tacky – it’s fucking courteous as hell. We’ve all been to some social event where there was less food than anticipated. It’s not fun. You’re trying to be pleasant and sociable, but you’re hungry and cranky because you didn’t eat something ahead of time, because no one took the time to make it clear that you should eat ahead of time.  You don’t feel comfortable destroying the cheese plate in the corner and you end up standing around and counting down the minutes until you can leave and hit the nearest Taco Bell drive-thru.

And let’s face it, Mrs. Obama will probably have a few more “snacks” than Rotel’s Famous Queso dip and homemade Chex Mix.  (Though she should definitely have both of those, because they’re delicious.)  But I see absolutely nothing wrong with the First Lady telling her social secretary, “Look, I don’t care if you have to put “eat before you come” on the invitations, make it clear as fucking day that we’re not having dinner, cause I am in no mood to listen to people whine afterwards over the fact that there wasn’t dinner.”  (Because you know there would be someone that would bitch about it.)

Clarity FTW.

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