Last lazy Sunday for a while…

CoffeeClasses start back up on Tuesday and I’ve got a Monday session this semester to boot, so this is the last Sunday until mid-May where I won’t be finishing up something for a Monday class.  (The plan is to have things done before Sunday, but I’m also realistic.  I tried to avoid a Monday class, but it was Monday at the main campus or Thursday in Arlington, and boy howdy, that sucked last semester.)

I’m also a wee bit disgruntled that my day isn’t going to be as lazy as I’d like it to be.  Gotta hit the market, clean the kitchen, find the book I have to read for Wednesday’s class, put the schedule for Monday’s class into LiquidPlanner, sort out the rest of the books for the semester, and try to figure out where the best workspace in the house is going to be this semester.

It’s not all bad though – I’m definitely looking forward to my classes this semester – US Urban History and Museum Studies.  Having anchor days again is always good.  (The days do tend to run together during breaks.)  Classes starting means spring is coming, and spring means baseball.  A little more structure doesn’t hurt.  (But not too much!)  All my classes are at the main campus, which means I don’t have to leave at 4:30 for a 7:20 class.  And the uni food court is actually pretty good – excellent chicken salad subs, and the Red Hot & Blue outlet on campus makes me very happy.

So, here’s to a new semester.

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