If this semester doesn’t break me, nothing will.

Holy hell, this semester has kicked my ass. Only two classes, but dayum. One has been a real fun class, but it has a group project. Even when you are working with great people, group projects being their own special set of stressors. (Thankfully, I am working with a great group do people. If I had ended up with idiots, I’d likely be in a small room being given many, many medications.)

Then there is the research seminar. The biggest weird challenge I’ve had to deal with in grad school is that the syllabus rarely changes, it’s highly unusual for deadlines to change, and at the end of the semester, the requirements are the same as they were at the beginning of the semester. Basically, the complete opposite of every job I’ve ever had. I was finally getting used to this concept and then I took this class.

Let me say first – I really genuinely like the professor, even if he is contributing to my slowly losing my mind over the past 3 months. He’s obviously incredibly smart, wants the students to do well, and actually has a rather charming personality in a bit of a Columbo kind of way.

But good grief. Changing deadlines. Being pointed into new directions only to spin my wheels for multiple weeks in a row. More changing deadlines. Or brand new ones. With the semester being topped off with presenting abbreviated versions of our papers at his house. (He is providing dinner. I have it on good authority that there will be wine. Sadly, he apparently has no pets, so I can’t hide in a corner with the family cat.)

Then my discovery this week that neither of my classes is actually adhering to the exam schedule hasn’t exactly been a big positive. (It’s far less an issue with the group project than the research seminar, but I feel like I’m being cheated out of some time that could be very useful.)

The good news is that despite all the insanity this semester, I haven’t fallen into a sobbing heap of human jello.

But hey, there are still six days to go!

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