Hey, you made it to Friday!!

Well done! Pats on the back all around!

Dentist rescheduled as my stomach is just a bit off today and it’s not ideal for having someone stick their hands in my mouth. (Side-eye to the pre-game gyoza I had yesterday…)

Told them I could reschedule any weekday in June – I’d been trying to do these on my half-day Fridays but after recent shenanigans, I’m not scheduling things for the company’s convenience anymore. (Also, there was some recent email or post that mentioned half day Fridays as a “chance to catch up on work” – um, no, it is TIME OFF. Don’t act like it was just “don’t schedule meetings” – it was always proper time off.)

Yeah, I am back in “it’s time to reset boundaries” mode. I thought I’d been doing OK with it, but no, I definitely have not. Some of it is on the company, but it’s on me, too. Of course, I say this with my work laptop sitting next to me as I prepare to log on to wrap things up to try and have the remainder of my weekend free and clear.

But whatever, I’ll get myself back on track.

You have a fantastic Friday and I hope you have a long weekend, too!

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1 Response to Hey, you made it to Friday!!

  1. bpdurnin says:

    Yankees gave you a gift yesterday. We won’t be so generous going forward. 😡

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