My San Diego Padres, the heart attack kids.

Great day for a game!

Top of the 7th, we’re up 5-1. Bottom of the 7th, we gave up FIVE FREAKIN’ RUNS – looked like the Bad News Bears out there. I was very much “It’s a good thing I love watching them play for the joy of watching them play because that certainly went VERY SOUTH, VERY FAST.”

Then – top of the 9th, we’ve got 2 on and Rougned Odor HITS A HOME RUN! And then Josh Hader closes it out in 11 pitches.

My section and the one next to mine were fully packed with Padres fans and everyone went nuts.

A while back, one of my friends mentioned that when she keeps score, she goes with multicolored pens and I got some of those “6 in 1” pens for Christmas and what a colorful mess I had today!! It’s so pretty! It’s more challenging than pencil cause I can’t erase, but I like it!A

A baseball score sheet showing the Padres at bats vs the Nationals, filled out with different colors for each player

Even with all the stupid work related stuff (and my dear reader, it managed to get stupider) – it’s been a great week. I just wish I didn’t have a dentist appointment tomorrow, LOL.

But I at least still have three days off after that!

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