Boo! Hiss!

My Padres lost yesterday! But – still had a hella good time, cause, fresh air, baseball, half smokes, and people watching.

Found a ramen bar outside the ballpark and they have a) ramen and b) a bar that is open to the sidewalk! Only had time for a quick beer (Kirin Ichiban FTW!) before the gates opened yesterday – today I’m going to try to time things a bit better so I can get some pre-game eats. :-D (Well, beyond my usual pre-game eats, LOL.)

On the whole, this whole round of PTO has been such a damn bust. It’s one thing to give up a couple hours a day to make sure The Thing is done, but then to be asked if it could be done by tomorrow as though I wasn’t on PTO to do other things was just so asinine.

The long and short of it is that our department has the bank teller problem. We underestimate how long something will take to begin with and then assume 100% capacity for everyone. No slack in there if something has to go back to dev and retested, or someone is out sick, or gets pulled off on client issues. (All three have happened to me this month! Plus this spring we had someone out on medical leave for two months.) My current bit? Round 1 and 2 were slated for 28 hours each. Round 1, I spent 79 hours, Round 2 is up to 27 hours already and I still have roughly 11 hours to go.

What we need to do is realistically estimate how long things take to DO THEM RIGHT and then cut everyone’s capacity to 80% and then hire accordingly. We won’t, because my company is very short sighted when it comes to labor costs, but we should.

But, it is what it is, and I need to get better at putting my foot down and saying THIS WON’T WORK. I go in waves on that, because more often than not, I just get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in response.

But I will get it figured out before my July PTO, cause I ain’t taking my work laptop to the beach.

You have yourself a great day and don’t get overscheduled!

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