That was fun, let’s do it again!

Despite my coworker texting me in the 9th inning with that asinine request, yesterday was a great day for baseball!

I found the parking garage!! Especially awesome considering that it was actually on the other side of the street where Google said it was. (And the lead tenant in that building is one of my clients. *hork*)

Got to the stadium before the gates even opened, LOL – I could have sworn it was 2 hours before game time, but it is only 90 minutes.

Got my half smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl, got to see batting practice, AND WE WON THE GAME, WOOHOO!!!!!

Had my clear stadium bag and STILL had to empty out a handful of things that set off the metal detector – I have smartly put those items in their own ziploc bag inside the stadium bag so I can pull it all out at once today. :-D

And I’m SO glad I took my windbreaker, cause I always forget that my section is in the shade for night games, and the wind decided to pick up to boot – by the middle of the first, the windbreaker was on and the roll-up capris were rolled back down to my ankles, LMAO. Maybe today we go with long sleeves under the jersey.

All in all, an excellent day and I can’t wait to do it again. But first, time to go very, VERY grudgingly do some work, because fuuuuuuuuuuuck them right now.

You have a fantastic game and I hope your team wins! (Unless it’s the Nationals. Sorry not sorry.)

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