And I am very excited and my ADHD brain is losing it’s fucking shit fighting off “wait mode” LOL.

It’s 10AM as I write this, and I don’t have to leave until around 4PM. So, six whole hours! But forgive me, I have got to write out everything out or I will not feel good all day… So – all that must be done before heading out:

  • Coffee – DONE!
  • Hit market for battery for car keyfob and pencils – DONE!
  • Replace battery in car keyfob and test – DONE!
  • Find unexpired sunscreen and get in bag – DONE! (For a few minutes there I thought I was going back to the store…)
  • Clean up car a bit – DONE!
  • Get clear stadium bag packed up – DONE! (I thought I’d gotten a too small size, but damn, it holds everything perfectly.)
  • Screenshot e-tickets just in case there is no internet access when I need them – DONE!
  • Get a bit of work done – 3 hours max.
  • Shower, change, maybe throw some makeup on – an hour, tops
  • Pack little lunch bag with ice packs and a post-game Coke, 5 minutes (ice packs already in freezer!)
  • Go see some baseball!!!!

So, roughly 4 hours of “stuff” and a bit less than 6 hours to tend to it in. So, brain – this is absolutely doable. And now that I’ve written it out, yes, I’m good.

I have already whittled down the house to-do list for the day so that’s not stressing me out, and my work laptop and headphones are downstairs and ready to go. And now that I have convinced myself this is all fine and well by writing it all out, I’m gonna go get some work shit done and not be stressed about it.

You have a fantastic day!

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