Gooooood morning!

And I am kinda-sorta on PTO! Gotta log in and do a bit of work, but whatever – at least no one is expecting me to be there and no one will bother me. And I got to sleep in, which is really the most important thing.

Today’s other fun is ALL THE DAMN LAUNDRY! Mostly every single blanket in the house, because somehow the LilyMonster has fleas.

How? I have zero idea. She is an indoor cat. The last time she was outside, it was the porch and that was in 2020. Literally no idea whatsoever how they got in the house. Like my only wild ass guess is that there were ancient flea eggs upstairs in the carpet and the Roomba brought them up? Or they got in through the back door somehow?

I legit have no other ideas. But today we’ll wash everything and vacuum what can’t be washed and swing by the little boutique pet supply shop for some Wondercide and spray the crap out of everything. Lily doesn’t love the stuff, but it gets the job done, smells fantastic, and is safe for Lily – I’d do the “neck drops” but she just can’t tolerate them, so that’s a no go. (She honestly starts foaming at the mouth the moment she *sees* the package.)

And I’ll get some of their flea shampoo… It’s geranium based, smells LOVELY and also – does the job. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “You’re gonna give the cat a bath? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” But the last time we struggled with this, I figured it out.

First, get every towel in the house except one for drying and put them on the bathroom floor. Put cat on towels. Gently pour small amount of warm water on cat. Shampoo whatever is wet. Rinse. Repeat. It’s a bit slow going, but she actually lets me do it, so that is really what is important.

So, I hadn’t really planned for baseball week to be baseball, work, and fighting fleas, but here we are.

You have a great flea-free day!

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