Oh, hello Monday

Damn that came around too quick this week. My weekend was the perfect mix of very relaxing and getting things done and just not quite long enough – but it never is…

But, it’s a half day Friday week in which I (possibly foolishly) scheduled both a dentist appointment and a hair appointment on the same day. Granted, they’re very far apart and it really shouldn’t be a problem, but also, what the fuck was I thinking? Oh, I think I know – “No, I cannot work late because I have not one, but two appointments.”

Hopefully it won’t be an issue at all and it will be calm this week. Though I did just look at Teams and I’m getting “why did you put this bug in this spot” and that’s because that’s is what the farking instructions said to do? If it needs to be fixed by X release it goes in X spot? Did that get chucked out the window already?

Ah well, minor annoyance at best.

I hope you have a very calm day.

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