Goooooood morning!

Another pretty day here today, and I’ve already got things off to a decent start with another very good night of sleep (9 hours yesterday and today!!) a big ol’ cold brew, and a quick trip to the market done.

And damn, I am VERY damn susceptible to marketing. We needed dishwasher pods. Usually get Cascade Platinum. But now they have Cascade Platinum PLUS! WELL, YES, OF COURSE I NEED THAT ONE.

Got a few things done around the house yesterday, but not really enough – so today we’re gonna plow through that list. Already brought my headphones downstairs, cause I know that works and I really shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t matter and I don’t need them. BECAUSE I NEED THEM.

Iggy is sweeping the kitchen right now, and once he’s done I’ll get going since I want to start in the kitchen and don’t want us tripping over each other. Am I using the robot vacuum as a procrastination method? Maybe? But he does need to run before I try and mop.

Task initiation is such a bitch and a half. And it’s so frustrating, because for most of my life I’ve just thought I was lazy. But I’m not lazy. I’m tired, easily overwhelmed, and I have a hard time getting started. But damn, I am NOT lazy.

And on that note, Iggy is done, the steam mop is heating up and it’s time for some tunes and housecleaning.

You have a fantastic day and don’t let anyone tell you you’re lazy.

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