So glad I took today off

Not just from “need the time away from work” aspect, but also, a post holiday day off is just nice.

It’s been a hard core self care weekend of eating, sleeping, reading, watching baseball, and not thinking about work. Granted, sometimes self care is also getting shit done around the house, so I may get a few things done around here today, but if I don’t – not gonna beat myself up over it, cause the last 3 weeks took A LOT out of me.

Of course, I wake to news of yet another mass shooting – this time in Louisville, Kentucky. 5 souls gone, more hurt.

I will never understand how to GOP can just not care about people getting killed left and right by gun violence. I know they’re bought and paid for by the gun lobby, but my lord, to just…not care to the extent that they truly do not care, I just don’t get it.

I mean, it’s the same party that is basically legalizing the murder of protestors in Texas, so I’m not surprised. They’re just such hateful people.

Self care today may be turning off the news, because I just can’t today.

You take care of yourself.

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2 Responses to So glad I took today off

  1. Ashley says:

    I have limited my TV news consumption, even local news, and my brain is a lot happier now. It’s DEFINITELY self-care.

    Baseball is back, woo! I’m currently flipping back and forth between the WNBA draft and the Yankees game, and the world feels like it’s making sense again. [deep, cleansing breath]

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