Whew, it’s the weekend, yay!

Working 45 hours in 4 days kinda of undoes the benefits of a long weekend.

Tuesday: “hey that thing that was originally due in two weeks, that we know you haven’t even been able to start yet – can you get it done by tomorrow?”

That at least got extended to today thanks to various and sundry system outages beyond our control, and I ended up actually finishing it yesterday which was…greaaaaaaaat, cause it gave us time to smash in one more fix yesterday. Time zones can be a bitch, but it was nice to get the testing started on that and be able to hand it off to my peeps in the PI to finish it off, and no one had to work til midnight local time.

Today was thankfully very quiet, and I got out of work on time, and Lily & I had the BEST, EPIC NAP after work. We’re both still a little tired cause on top of work stuff yesterday, we had to zip up to the vet for her rabies shot and a monitoring blood draw at lunchtime. And even though she was in and out in less than 15 minutes – anyone with a cat knows that’s a bit of an ordeal.

And excellent news today – no significant changes in her bloodwork since January! And unless she shows any outward changes, we don’t have to have it looked at again until October! She probably didn’t have to have the bloodwork this time, but since we were gonna be there anyway and she was gonna be drunk on her gabapentin – might as well, as it’s good to know what’s up.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying sprawled out on the bed as her pre-vet meds kick in

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